Sunday, June 12, 2011

Swap Party info and rules...

What: Trade gnetly used stuff with friends.
When: June 26 2011.(It's a Sunday.)
RSVP via Facebook/phone by: June 22nd 2011 (It's a Wednesday.)
Where: Olive Garden in Dickson City PA. 
Note: Location may change depending how many people RSVP and restaurant policy.
BYOM for food/beverages.

Swap Party Rules

1.)    Gently used.
2.)    Must have any/all tags removed.
3.)    Must not be more than 2 years/4 seasons old.
4.)    Must not need mending.
5.)    Must not be borrowed from a website or another person.
6.)    Must clean.
7.)    No undergarments.
Beauty products:
1.)    No used razors.
2.)    No eye make-up, lipstick or lip gloss.
3.)    All containers must be at least half full of the actual product. 
4.)    All tools/applicators must be washed/cleansed. 
5.)    Nothing you used when ill. 
1.)    Gently used.
2.)    Must not belong to anyone else/must not be borrowed.
3.)    No romance novels/”adult only” material.
4.)    Text books must still be useable at local colleges/universities. 
CDs/Video games/DVDs:
1.)    Must be opened.
2.)    Must work.
3.)    Gently used.
4.)    Must not be borrowed/belong to anyone else.
5.)    Must include all original liner notes/instructions/chapter information.
6.)    No “adult only” material. 
7.)    Nothing copied/downloaded from the internet.
Electronic devices:
1.)    Must have serial numbers.
2.)    Must be opened.
3.)    Gently used.
4.)    Must have all original parts.  (Controller, adaptors…etc.)
5.)    Must have instructions.
6.)    Must work.
7.)    Cell phones must come w/chargers and be wiped clean of contact info. 
8.)    Computer hard drives must be wiped clean and come w/charger (adaptor.)

Home d├ęcor:
1.)    Must be opened/must not have tags attached.
2.)    Must be clean.
3.)    Must not contain bed bugs.
Small appliances/tools:
1.)    Must have serial numbers.
2.)    Must work.
3.)    Must be opened.
4.)    Must have all instruction booklets/warranty info/cords…etc.

Please note: If it's illegal/bootlegged/you got it from an undisclosed person or location it may NOT be traded.  No prescriptions or OTC medications may be traded and not diet pills/weight loss supliments may be traded.  No selling/trading items for cash. 
If you have any questions regarding what may/mat not be traded please contact me via Facebook or phone. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ty 4 txtin (Thank you for texting.)

U no wat I h8t te moste
ppl who txt
so n onor off tese ppl I desided 2 right tis entier blog n txt speek
dnt wrry their weel b a tranzl8ed virzion 4 tose who dnt speek txt
r u anoid yet
I now I am n dim rightein dis
Butt n e wases I red tis rticl bout dis grl who was txtin nn a teeader nd she was kikd owt
I tink te teeder waz rite
nd hears te linke
I dnt txt
Nd wen I dew txt I dnt rite lyke dis
Wen I c ppl tippin lyk dis I tink there eeder dum er lil kidz
I is 25 nd wan ppl 2 tink I has norm intelagents
Txtin is macin ppl dumer
ppl dnt speel te wae the showld  nd it mackes meee wondr iff dis is ho pple speel 4 eczams nd jobe apps n stuf
nd if tey doe ten ho does tey git jobes n stuf
I wowldnt giv sm1 who speeled lyke dis a jobe ore te tyme off daye
R u soupr anoid nw
Ya dis iz anoin nd ille stp no
Srry 4 macin u reed dis  it hrts my brane 2 tipe lyke dis
Translation: You know what I hate the most?  People who text!    So in honor of these people I decided to write the blog in text speak.  Don’t worry, there will be a translated version for those of you who do not understand text speak. 
Are you annoyed yet?  I know I am and I’m the one writing this.  But anyways, I read this article on Yahoo about how this movie theater threw this girl out for texting during a movie.  Personally I think the theater was in the right.  Here’s the link.

I don’t normally text and when I do text, I type like a normal person.  Okay…my grammar and punctuation may not be perfect but at least I use them!  I’m a horrible speller, but at least most people can understand me when I type.
When I see people online who use text jargon I generally think they’re either stupid or a little kid who’s trying to act grown up.  I’m 25 and want to be seen as a semi-intelligent person.  To me it seems that the use of texting is dummying down our society.  People don’t spell/type the way they should and it makes me wonder how the hell these people get jobs and pass classes.  It also makes me wonder if they use text lingo on tests/exams and job applications.  I know that if I were a hiring manager and I saw a resume or a job application written in text speak I would just discard it…that or frame it and whenever I needed a laugh I could look at it. 
So are you super annoyed now?  Yeah, this is annoying and I’ll stop now.
Sorry for making you read this…it’s making my brain hurt to type like this. 

I don’t know about my friends/family, but when I go to the movie theater and shell out $10 a ticket ($12 for 3D)I actually pay to watch the movie.  When I sit down my cell phone goes on silent and into my handbag.  I’ve never had to use my cell phone to light the way to a seat…that’s why there are lights on a theater floor and people who work there have flashlights.  I HATE looking around to see the glow of a bunch of cell phones.  News flash: Your cell phone may be set on silent mode, but your cell phone isn’t set to dark mode; that glow from your phone is distracting. 
For those who say “I didn’t know you weren’t allowed to text in a theater!”  I don’t know about you, but every theater I’ve been to has an announcement on screen and often times in sound “Please turn any and all cell phones/pagers off.”  Not only is it common courtesy, but now days with piracy on the rise(and I don’t mean Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbosa or any other character from Pirates of the Caribbean) and the fact that most cell phones have built in cameras/recording devices the employees inside the theater might see you using your phone non-stop and think that you’re recording part or even all of the movie. 
Something people often forget is that companies/places of business do have the right to refuse someone service.  Granted most places of business don’t exercise this right unless a customer/person has been caught stealing or is a danger to others for fear of a lawsuit.  So it is surprising to read about one company exercising this right.