Monday, April 29, 2013

Doing a financial experiment...

I know a lot of people who don't save money and I used to be one of them.  About 7wks. ago I decided to attempt saving some money.  I'm sort of one of those people who didn't think they had money to save.  But, after paying off the majority of my medical bills (from my hip surgery) I saw that I do have money I could be saving each month.  It's not a lot of money, but it is something.
Here's the breakdown of my experiment:
I get paid around $250-$300 a week.
For those who need assistance, that's $1000-$1200 a month (roughly).
I decided that a decent amount would be $50 a week...I still need groceries and I have to leave room the medical bills I still need to pay and wants.
So, for you non math geniuses out there it adds up to $2400 after a year.
So far I have $350 in my savings that's 7wks. (1 month and 3 weeks.)
So far I am on track and at my goal. 

Now, as far as what I'm going to use that money for...I have no clue.  I've thought about going on a vacation, but I hate the idea of going someplace alone for safety reasons.  Plus I can't even figure out where I'd want to go.  I'm not a beach person-too much sand and salt...bad for the skin.  I'd go to Disney, but I can't decide between Land or World.  I go to Cali, but I'm afraid I'd want to stay.  I might try Quebec (Canada), but it's a foreign country and my French is rusty.  I'd go to a day spa, but I don't like strange people touching me.   
I've thought about buying a whole new wardrobe, but I don't like buying stuff that's too trendy...I'm happy with my basics and items which have stood the test of time (Most of what I own is at least 2-5yrs. old.)
I've thought about redecorating, but if I ever move out of the motel it'll just be stuff I have to pack and take with me, when I'd rather leave it all and purchase new.
I've thought about going back to school for a semester and taking an accounting course and maybe an education course.  But both courses would have to be on my days off.  
I have decided that a certain percentage will go to a charity...Hope For Hannah; a rescue organization.  They helped me by fostering Sophie.
Most likely I'll donate the percentage to Hope For Hannah and just keep it all in the bank and add to it.
I'm one of those weird people who, if they see that they have money they're either afraid to touch it or they go on a spending spree.

So far I've done really well.  Last week I took $50 out of savings to go to the mall and spent $35 of it.
I replaced that $35 and added the regular $50 that afternoon when my paycheck was deposited into my account.