Tuesday, November 1, 2011

You know, I could sue your company's ass....

Went to Dunkin Donuts drive thru today and mom ordered an iced coffee w/just extra sugar.  When we got up to the window the associate at the window tried to give her the iced coffee w/cream and sugar…not what mom ordered.  The associate had a second order at the window and said “I have one with just sugar here.”  Mom asked if it had extra sugar and the associate said “yes it’s granulated sugar.”  So, mom took the coffee which supposedly had granulated sugar in it and started to sip it.  She said it didn’t taste right.  So, I tasted it and it didn’t taste like sugar to me either.  We both chalked it up to the coffee, as my coffee order too did not taste good at all.  We continued on so that I could do the weekly shopping/run errands and when I was done and back in the car mom turned the cup of iced coffee and asked me to read which bubble/box had been checked off for the stuff associates add to the coffee.  It read “Splenda.” 
For those who don’t have a problem with Splenda, or don’t see the issue here I’ll illuminate.  Mom has Lupus and Splenda, being an artificial and chemically produced sweetener can cause a major flare up.  Basically, Splenda can cause mom to become sick enough to go to the hospital.  I myself cannot have Splenda, as it causes severe headaches…I’m talking no sound, no light, my head will hurt until the sweetener is completely out of my system. 
So, seeing that it was not what mom ordered, we went back to Dunkin and neither of us wanted them to remake the coffee drink.  I showed the associate at the counter the cup marked “Splenda” and the receipt which showed that mom had ordered “sugar.”  The associate at the counter said that they could make a new one.  And then the associate at the drive thru, who happened to be the same one who took our order chimed in.  “Oh it’s actually sugar.  I just mark it like that when I’m going really fast.”  I told the associates that both my mother and I had tasted it and it did not taste like sugar.  The associate at the counter lifted up the cup and pointed to the bottom of the cup.  “See, that’s granulated sugar.”  And then handed the cup back to me.  I waited a moment for the associate to say “Sorry about the taste of the coffee, if you would like we can offer you a partial refund.”  That would have been fine, but she offered nothing.  So I had them throw out the cup of coffee. 
A couple of minutes later, back at the car mom called the manager…or rather the assistant manager, as the regular manager wasn’t in today.  The assistant manager offered the refund.  So I went back into Dunkin, waited in line and as I was getting the refund then girl who had been at the drive thru was taking care of the customer behind me…guess she was the only one on coffee duty today.  The customer had ordered an iced coffee w/cream and sugar.  The associate came over to me, waved the cup in my face and said “What goes into this?  Sugar.  Sugar right?” 
Not sure if Dunkin goes over what qualifies as harassment and what qualifies as downright lousy customer service w/their associates and speaking as one person in the service industry you NEVER mock your customers.  Mocking a customer, especially in front of others is a form of harassment.  Harassment is one way to get a law suit against your company and is BAD customer service. 
Not going to Dunkin Donuts again.